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Sex actually...the intrinsic correlation of coitus and politics [Shock, Horror!]

Avast ye shipmates,
I'm 'born again' to PP, but am no stranger to politics, nor its intrigues! It may not come as a surprise to all, but there usually isn't a week or two go by without an MP or associates revealed as being embroiled in some scandal or other, you know the score, blah, blah...
It has dawned upon me that some of the cleverest [voting] types are also more likely to be the daring, kinky types in the bedroom or wherever. So if we could discreetly marry up the two, we have a ready source of votes and possible new members [no jokes please!]. The late, great Cynthia Payne bought sex into politics in the 80's / 90's with her 'Payne & Pleasure Party', arguing for changes to Britain's archaic sex laws [like Copyright and Publications etc.], and she did it rather well coming out of a very crowded closet!
In case you didn't know, all over the country, at given times and locations, 'munches' [drinks and chat] take place in pubs, with clever people discussing the merits of bondage, domination, sadism & masochism [bdsm]...and politics [I know, I've been to a few!]. These people are fertile terrain as regards interest in interested parties fighting a corner of 'slightly' controversial subjects such as Mass Surveillance, Internet Blocks, Erosion of Freedoms etc.
So I propose to initiate a new London Docklands PP branch in a lovely pub setting that just happens to be a popular meeting place for local kinksters, just to see what a response it could generate. If it doesn't work, at least I'll have tried! You are all cordially invited, 'vanillas' included...
Please do let me know your thoughts on this.
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