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Digital Presence

The Pirate Party is seen by many as a party that stands for the Internet and yet the website isn't a fantastic representation of this (understandably with stretched resources). Of all the political parties it should be the Pirate Party that has a leading digital presence with a strategy that straddles desktop, tablet, mobile and understands how to utilise the web to best serve British citizens.

Here is an brief outline of the work of Obama's digital team during the presidential elections. I know nothing of politics, and I understand the budget of the Pirate Party doesn't compare to Obama's, but I believe with the power of the web it would be possible to match this success and more with the British public looking for something else that's not Tory, Labour, Lib Dem or UKIP.

Hopefully someone will be able to answer the following questions for me...

  • Is there a technical roadmap set out for the party?

  • If so, is this publicly available?

  • Who is looking after the digital side?

  • What does the current digital team look like (numbers/roles/leadership)?


  • Hi there. Thanks, I agree that getting full value out of digital campaigning should be the first thing we are good at, and there is much to be done both in terms of useability and really challenging the other parties in this field. We've had a major revamp of the site at the top end of this year, and it is much improved, certainly in terms of usefulness. I think there is even a way to go before we even get full value out of it as it is before moving on.

    Currently Steve wilson is in charge of digital - and is the major hero of the party in my view. Nothing I or the rest of us have done would be possible without him.

    I think you are asking about something more than just functionality, it's how do we win arguments, support, funding and votes online. There is much we know about this already and much we have to learn- would be interested in discussing this further with you.
  • Thanks for your reply Loz. My intention isn't to take away from what has already been achieved digitally, it is to build on it.

    Some quick considerations...

    • Pirateparty.org.uk is filled with great content however it isn't being used to it's fullest potential. It's tricky to find the content. How can it be more engaging?

    • How can people be kept up-to-date with the party policies and updates? Is there a mailing list?

    • Absence of a very clear call-to-action. I don't think that the PP website has one. Should it be donations? Signing up as a member? Understanding the manifesto? Sharing the manifesto? The CTA should be aligned with the party's objectives and the message should be clear.

    But also looking outside of the website. Is the party using all digital channels to their fullest. For example, it would be interesting to know the general backgrounds of party supporters. What's the best way of reaching similar people? Distribution channels such as blogging platform Medium allow posts to be seen by many very quickly, has the party experimented with these kind of networks?

    Also, how does PP work with sister parties in other countries? Surely there is huge overlap here, especially digitally. Is there a better way of sharing the fruits of the party's efforts between these therefore accelerating the digital advancements?
  • I think a fantastic job has been done with the website backend... I do think however that now that has been done we could really do with a review of the frontend (i) in what content is on what pages (ii) the theme (really should be responsive - I'm a bootstrap fan).

    To try and answer one of your questions "What does the current digital team look like (numbers/roles/leadership)?" - this is hard to answer.

    Our IT team are responsible for most of the backend stuff... not the front end stuff.

    We have a social media team (I try to organise it and know I don't do as good a job as it deserves).

    The outgoing Campaigns Manager did the new website implementation and led on the frontend stuff - I don't know if the incoming Campaigns manager will do likewise.

    We have occasional content generated by a range of people writing blog posts and stuff.

    I'd be quite eager to see a digital strategy put together - and to be honest it doesn't matter who does this :) It could be that you are able to put together some thoughts and suggestions for this, which you can give to the NEC (I'm sure they'd love input!!) and then can give us something to go to members/supporters with to solicit volunteer assistance for specific (rather than general) tasks.
  • Thanks for the information azrael. I'm hopefully going to be meeting some other PP members who can spread some more light on the current efforts.
  • edited December 2014
    I would love to see a more 'current' site/digital presence too. User 'coxy' also touched upon it in this thread: https://community.pirateparty.org.uk/discussion/31/the-site-font-is-too-small
  • Don't disagree with the comments about a more 'current' site / digital presence - but would say that it needs content - ideally written by multiple people rather than the same voices continually.
  • If we all do a bit would help without being too much work. I try and keep https://www.pirateparty.org.uk/party/press-hits as up to date as I can, adding Party press hits to it whenever I come across them.
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