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Board Nomination - Scott Williamson - Question Thread

edited December 2014 in Candidate
I am a member of the Pirate Party, a former member of the Green Party of England and Wales. Whilst in the Green Party, I was a Co-Convenor and also a Membership Secretary of the Lambeth (London) branch. I am also a member of the Open Rights Group.

I have been involved with student unions, University governance, and real world politics for about 30 years. I have trained in journalism, I am registered with the British Association of Journalism, and I am currently helping the Pirate Party press team.

I think I would provide a balanced opinion within the Board of the Pirate Party. I am seeking a seconder for my nomination. I am available to answer questions about my suitability for this role.


  • Hi Scott, I have a couple of questions if you don't mind?

    1. What do you feel you would bring to the Governor role and the board in general, in addition to your stated reason of providing a balanced opinion?
    2. What are your thoughts on the current function of the board and what would you like to see improved/done differently?
    3. Do you feel you have adequate time to volunteer for both the press team & the board? How will you balance your responsibilities if elected?


  • Hi Scott, great to hear from you and to hear that you're willing to put yourself forward as a Governor. Question that I am putting to all 3 people standing - would you consider standing as a parliamentary candidate in May with sufficient support and what can be done to help you with that / would putting yourself forward as a Governor prevent that?
  • Sorry, after further thought, I am withdrawing myself from board nominations. Maybe in the future after I have been a member for longer.
  • Thanks for letting us know, Scott, and thanks for the enthusiasm. Feel free to get in touch in future if you decide to stand.
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