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Aussie Pirate looking to meet up (and couchsurf)!

Hey all,

I'm the Press Officer at Pirate Party Australia, and I'll be in the UK for a couple of weeks in late-January/early February 2015. :-)

I'll cut to the chase: I've mostly got my accommodation sorted out, but have a few days in London, Edinburgh and Glasgow unaccounted for and would rather stay with friendly Pirate faces than alone in a hotel (plus, it's cheaper, obviously)!

If anyone has a spare couch/sofa/room/etc available in:

* London on 20–22 and/or 26 January,
* Edinburgh on ~1–2 February, or
* Glasgow on ~4–5 February

and doesn't mind having a quiet and friendly Aussie Pirate hanging around for a few days, please let me know!

Also keen to meet up in those places if there are Pirates about. I think the next London meeting is 21 January, so I'll definitely try to make it! :D

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