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Talking about the Pirate Party with futurists looking to found a UK transhumanist party

edited January 2015 in General
This evening I spoke on a Google+ hangout event about my experiences with the Pirate Party and how it can be used in founded a UK transhumanist party or pressure group.

I gave a broad range of questions and answers explaining why the Pirate Party exists, the founding of the party, our relationship with the Open Rights Group, PPI, PPEU, comparisons with Pirate Party Sweden and Pirate Party Germany.

This might serve a nice introduction to any Pirates interested in some party history and answering questions.


  • Sure! One of the things I'm doing is trying my hardest to ensure both our efforts are in-line with one another and we're not competing!
  • As a rather peculiar variety of 'transhumanist' myself (sort-of, ish), I agree that the creation of a separate party for transhumanists ought not be necessary, since the Pirate Party has plenty of manifesto space to support transhumanist issues and ideas. We are already pro-scientific endeavour and base our principles on evidence. We are forward thinkers and are 'the party of the internet'. The internet is yet young, as is the transhumanist movement, and there is much that both can yet do which will be of huge relevance to the Pirate Parties.
    In all honesty, I expect a future (30 or so years from now) in which people can genetically modify themselves at any age, whether it is right or wrong to do so it is possible. I expect that this will be born of the internet and rely on scientific information shared over the internet, utilising stuff which is part of the Internet of Things to keep everything functioning well and nanobots increasingly taking care of all sorts of things. I expect that this will lead to a grand diversification of characteristics of people as they seek to make themselves more overtly indelibly unique, and the boundaries between species will be further questioned as we find more ways to transcend them (see for example the various experiments already being performed in which mice and rats are genetically engineered to make human proteins). I expect that shortly after that, telepathy and shapeshifting and the ability to grow organs that take on the functions of present day electronics will become possible and rapidly spread.

    Given that the Pirate Party is in a country where parties have to wait 30 years to get some traction, we have to have some long term thinking. So to think transhumanist is common sense, since transhumanism represents a chunk of the requested features list yet to be coded into our lives. We are currently on life version number ~4000002015.5.3, as it were. And somewhere around Humanity 1.6...

    So to me transhumanism, biohackers and similar movements represent a bug jam. Highly incremental though evolution has been for us, it is possible to change its rate and its entire meaning. It looks to me like that is happening. Rather than pass the buck for paving the way for it to be Done Right, let's Do It Right ourselves.
  • The above all said, perhaps a transhumanist working group within the Pirate Party could be formed to show that it is a matter we are taking seriously, a group whose job it is to gather the latest information and research in the transhuman/biohacking field and keep everyone bang up to date. I'm imagining the P logo with a h+ on its sail/flag.
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