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Nationalise Openreach

Nationalise Openreach

(policy suggestion from unconference policy workshop)


  • How does this suggestion sit with 'Improving Internet connectivity' and the comment there 'rid them of red tape to allow companies other than BT to compete.' Surely nationalisation brings it back to a single supplier.
  • edited March 2015
    The current issue with Openreach is that they really only operate to benefit the rest of the BT group - as far as the regulator lets them. Nationalising Openreach will bring more competition into this space. The Ofcom has shown they don't have the balls to keep Openreach in check when in private hands.
  • You could think of a nationalised OpenReach as being to the UK's telecommunication infrastructure what Network Rail is to the UK's rail infrastructure, possibly?
  • @PeterBrett - although I'm not sure that that comparison suggests that it will improve dramatically. I am tempted to argue that as with most infrastructure networks (National Grid, Transco, National Rail) there should be a separation of powers.

    By this I mean that the infrastructure is a regulated utility which is independent of any and all user companies (solving @followsound's BT helping BT issue). It looks like it should solve the issue, without the requirement for full nationalisation.
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