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Equal Marriage – Remove Spousal Veto

New English marriage law allows for trans people who are already married to gain gender recognition without having to get divorced. However, because there remains a distinction between “same-sex” and “opposite-sex” marriages, the spouse also must consent. The trans person cannot gain gender recognition until either the spouse consents – or they get divorced.
This spousal veto should be removed, as in Scotland.


  • Why is there a distinction between 'same-sex' and 'opposite-sex' marriages? Wouldn't removing the distinction be a better way of solving the problem rather than adding an exception to an an exception?
  • I agree, consummation as a concept is separate from that of marriage (and the sooner that is clarified in law, the happier many an asexual in this country will be), however to some people it can mean enough that a particular consummatory act can count for more than the marriage itself. It's a matter of opinion, very much.
  • Dear all, sorry about the [one year] delay in replying, but, just recently [Jan. 2016] in the High Court, London, an 'opposite-sex' couple wishing for a civil partnership recognised in Law were denied it, due to they're being opposite sex, ie. not gay! Now, how's that equal rights?
  • It's not equal rights, and I'd personally argue that heterosexual couples should be equally entitled to civil partnerships if they wish to have them.
  • Indeed, same sex and opposite sex couples should be allowed the same opportunities.

    I also think the married couples allowance should extend to partners who aren't married/in a civil partnership - they do this with tax credit calculations already.
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