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What background noise do you have running all the time?

I have a stream of SG1/A that runs constantly in the background, just for noise. Recently it moved location and I had to spend a couple of weeks of waiting (for the search engines to re-index) and then applied my chaos fingers to re-find the stream, this time running over SSL, which is pretty sweet. "It's better than nothing."

I don't really watch it, I'm too busy doing other stuff, but it's just noise. What noise do you use when you just want background?


  • My background noise is usually laptop fans trying to stop laptop from overheating :(
  • edited October 2014
    That's my background noise right now, except it's my old clunky desktop, and the streams been playing up. :|

    I should have called this, "What background noise do you have running a lot of the time?"
  • I can't have anything on if I'm working, but if I'm just browsing, I'll listen to music or have the TV on.
  • My desktop hard drive which really isn't sounding healthy.
  • The screams of the people I keep in my basement...
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