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Lines too long - right padding?

This discussion was created from comments split from: What background noise do you have running all the time?.


  • the line runs for too long. a percentage right padding is good to shorten. humans find difficulty with really long lines.
  • "whitespace 4 teh win" + "simplicity" are my current mottos. Not like that helps, or maybe it does, i dunno. :p
  • oh, and "bigger is better"
  • totally de-railed my own thread, maybe needs splitting off... :|
  • @OblongOrange - can't say I've had any problems with the length of the lines (probably because I'm either viewing here on a large high-res monitor or a mobile) - can you post some screenies of what you mean, or fiddle with the CSS until you get it how you think looks better and chuck it at me?
  • hmm, it's likely because your using a forever extending width (100%) rather than fixed, which means as the screen gets wider the text lines keep going along.

    Try this for now, see what you think:

    div#Body div.Discussion,
    div#Body ul.Comments li div.Item-Body div.Message,
    div#Body div.CommentForm div.CommentFormWrap { margin-right:20%; }
    div#Body div.CommentForm div.CommentFormWrap textarea { padding: 5px 15px 5px 10px; }

    20% is probably maximum, 15% might be better, but as long as you keep the rules on the divs that matter then it will only affect those anyway. It really all depends on how thin you expect the site to go without the design messing up.

    Also I added the textarea padding, note the extra right-padding, it takes into account the little emoticon thing in the corner.
  • I'll have a look after lunch!
  • edited October 2014
    Oh it's lunchtime. :)

    Also, "da powa ov inspekt elamant"
  • inspekt elamant is exactly why I asked, since I don't have any problems, myself...

    Always happy for feedback though :)
  • What it looks like from my main desktop gnu/linux box:

  • Hmm. See what you mean. I'll have a fiddle when I get back.
  • Set this at 15%, let me know.
  • edited October 2014
    Yeah, it just makes all the difference, also leaves nice whitespace at the side which balances with the whitespace on the left (when it becomes whitespace that is).
  • edited November 2014
    I suspect you mean line-height and a touch of padding.

    div.Comment .Item-BodyWrap .Item-Body .Message {
    padding: 5px 0;

    ^ ?
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