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Board of Governors Nomination - Will "Duke" Tovey

Hello, all. I am hoping to stand for re-election to the Board of Governors.

My involvement with the Party began shortly before it was registered and have been a member since. In 2009 I headed the Privacy Policy team, in early 2010 set up the Party's first Press Office, and spent a few months on the Core Team of PPI, chairing the 2010 Brussels Conference. Since then I have represented the Party in meetings with the Government (Ofcom, the IPO), at events in Parliament and third-party conferences. I have been the primary drafter for much of our written lobbying material, responding to consultations at various levels. I also try to distribute briefing memos within the Party on relevant issues. As one of the initial batch of Governors I see my main roles on the Board as sanity-checking ideas and plans (trying to make sure there are no holes in them), keeping the Board up to date on relevant political/legal issues, and researching anything that needs to be researched.

Over the next 5 years I aim to continue my research, briefing and lobbying work for the Party and hope to be able to do this from within the Board, where I can help keep the Party stable.

If anyone would be willing to second my nomination, has any questions (relevant or otherwise), or wants any legal/political research done, please let me know.


  • Hi, Will. From what I've read of your work on policy and legal interpretations, you're the sort of person the party needs to remain on the board. As well as your stated intention to contribute to board stability, do you have any thoughts on membership and finances, please? Thanks.
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    I can't second Will's nomination, as I'm also standing for re-election to the board, but I'd like to share my experience of working with Will over the years. We have a lot of dedicated, clever people 'behind the scenes' in this party, who don't do public-facing jobs, and therefore don't get the recognition they deserve, and for me, Will is right up there at the top of the list of people who don't get enough credit for what they do.

    If you've ever wondered why other parties and government bodies treat us so seriously when our electoral record doesn't have any great successes in it (yet!), I can tell you. It's down to Will's work behind the scenes, briefing us on legal and policy issues, getting us up to speed on what the problems are with proposed legislation, and dealing with organisations like Ofcom and the IPO not with rhetoric and soundbites, but with calm, well reasoned analysis of the legal and procedural issues that makes them reconsider their proposals.

    We punch above our weight, and have the political leverage that we do, because of Will's incisive mind and calm reasoned approach, and as those are ideal qualities for a party governor, be doing ourselves a great disfavour if we don't keep him on the board.
  • Thank you for the support, Andy.

    Trevj; on membership and finances, I think that over the last 5 years we have been focussed a lot on local politics. A lot of our campaigning has been in a few regions (particularly around Manchester), and a lot of resources have gone into those, with limited electoral success. I think that it may be time to consolidate what we have; focus on getting those members we currently have into a place where they can help the Party the most (and help the Party's message), and put resources into more national and international issues (once we've sorted out what the Party's position on them will be).

    Hopefully that will help us get better coverage at the national level and pick up a few more active members who can work on strengthening the Party's foundations.
  • Have you found someone to second you sir?
  • Just checked the list of candidates. I will second Will Tovey aka Duke - seems like he has been an integral part of the party and a great asset.
  • I think what is important is the nomination and the seconding. The technical aspects of it don't really matter.
  • No bollocking from me either. Achievement unlocked!
  • Hi all; thank you for submitting my nomination; I was out of the country (at rather short notice) on Thursday-Saturday and my Internet didn't work (at all). Sorry for messing things up.
  • Do you have views on an August campaign targeted at school leavers around exam results time?
  • Oops, wrong thread! You can still answer if you like but I'll probably be back some time with another question. Thanks.
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