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Board nomination - Trevor Keith Johnson - questions

edited May 2015 in Candidate

I'm intending to prepare a self-nomination for standing in the forthcoming election to the full board of governors.

My nomination statement still requires some work and I don't expect it to be complete by the time at which nominations open. In the statement, I'll seek to explain my interest in formal party involvement.

I'll also summarise things here in this thread, and will then be happy to provide answers here to relevant questions posed. I trust that will be useful.

At an appropriate time, I'd also expect to seek being seconded by another member in good standing.

As can be seen, I've been a member for only a couple of months, after flirting with the idea over the past year or so. I've not been a member of a political party until this point, although I've had various levels of active involvement assisting other parties and candidates in the past.

Cheers and have a good weekend all!


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  • Thanks, David. Good point regarding social media but I'll probably leave that for a while longer for a couple of reasons.

    As for other parties I've assisted in the past: variously Labour, LibDem, Green.
  • If you want to tweet (assuming you're on twitter) that you're standing and need seconding and link tot his post I'll give it a RT from the main party account. (Same goes to anyone else standing for any position.)
  • Thanks very much, Stephen. I am indeed on Twitter but will want to wait until I've got my words out here first, for people to be reading. Apologies for the delay but as the official campaign period isn't running just quite yet, I hope this is acceptable.
  • Just FYI you need a second before the nominations period ends - so before campaigning begins. :)
  • Understood, thanks. I aim to have the statement, etc. finalised by this Tuesday at the latest and to then seek a seconder, hoping for one to come forward by Friday night! If this doesn't happen, then I accept that it could be partly due to my tardiness. Thanks.
  • I have to stop early tonight and still haven't quite finished drafting my blog post etc. This is due to a rescheduling of spousal activities, i.e. I have less time tonight than expected.

    So, for the benefit of those who might be following things here, I'm almost certain to miss my self-imposed Tuesday deadline. If I can finish things early tomorrow morning, I will... otherwise it'll be tomorrow night instead.

    Sorry, all.

    To finish on a positive note, I'll have a fair amount of free time in late July to devote to PPUK matters :-)
  • I had a bit of time just now, so am about to go live with my blog intro.

    Please fire away with your questions and I'll get to them when I can.

  • Thanks for that :-)
  • Thanks, both. I'm very grateful for your assistance and can confirm that I've now completed the required nomination process. We now have a couple of weeks of questioning.

    So, it's over to you! How would you wish for me as a prospective governor to carry out duties (in collaboration with other members and officials)?

    Apologies in advance if you don't get a prompt response from me during this process. However, I'll generally expect to respond here within 24 hours, so hopefully that will be acceptable. Anything which requires me to give greater consideration or research (let's be honest, it'll be a bit of a learning curve) may take longer but in that case I'd expect to post a notification (and likely timescale) here.

    Thanks and have a good weekend!
  • Hi Trev,

    In your nomination statement you have quite a long list of things that you would like to see happen while you're on the board. Bearing in mind that we all have finite time and energy, what would be the one area that you feel you'd be most keen to contribute to in your first year in office? Your number one priority?
  • Thanks. Yes, it's a little long. (And it's also perhaps a bit too obvious that time was limited and I'm less wordy towards the end!)

    Anyway, I'd say that the one thing I'd expect to prioritise is the development and delivery of campaigns. Working effectively with the Campaigns Officer and leadership will be key in this area, with successful campaigns probably stimulating debate and membership activity. Practically speaking, we can probably currently only afford to allocate a budget of zero for campaigns, so any costs incurred may not be reimbursed (either in the foreseeable future or at all).

    If elected, I'd request for campaigns to be on the agenda of the next board meeting. Others may hold different views on priorities, and I'm willing to be convinced that other topics (e.g. finances) are more important.

    I'd also be prepared to incur a small amount of personal expenditure during my first year in office, which might be considered a monetary donation to the party if not reimbursed.

    The ethos within the following comment I make under 'Managing volunteers'
    I'd expect to start working locally myself before having any great involvement in national volunteering activities/coordination, but would expect to accommodate the consensus view amongst governors and do my fair share of work at the earliest reasonable opportunity.
    would apply more generally, i.e. I'd be keen to involve myself in local campaigning.
  • OK, all - from this coming Friday night (or thereabouts) we have just two weeks before voting closes!

    So if you'd like me to give answers here on topics which might have a bearing on how you'll vote, then don't be shy!

    Thanks for reading. :-)
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