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London Branch

edited October 2014 in Branch
This would be a good place to have discussion about London Branch matters in general, as well as testing the addition of new discussions and tags.


  • Hello Lennon,

    A North Londoner here :)
  • Welcome! Good to hear from you. :-)
    FYI - I'm Vauxhall based (and standing for the party there in May next year so will be looking for support in due course...)
  • I'm also London-based; I work right in the centre and live in the Woolwich/Eltham area.

    @Lennon, I fully intend to be back out on the ground supporting you in May :)
  • Considering where I live, this is most likely the one closest based to me. I live out in Esher (One stop from Surbiton on the train). Sadly too young to do anything of importance, but as we're a party of giving 16 year-old's the vote I'd love to get involved more and more. I'm usually found loitering in the General Chat in mumble but shhh
  • Am in Erith here, right in one of the furthest south London Boroughs. Good to be here in the community and to say hello. :-)
  • @MichaelDuck - don't do yourself down - you are never too young to do anything of importance - I'm even planning on getting my 4 year old to help deliver leaflets :)
  • @Lennon, haha, I come from a hugely Labour background, and from as far as I remember I've been putting out leaflets. Could blame him for why I'm here :P (getting me politically active etcetc)

    Anyone from London (or anywhere - who knows?) gonna be down at the "Britain Needs a Pay Rise" March in London this Saturday? Wouldn't be a bad thing to meet up with some Pirates there no?
  • Hi All, I am a new Pirate, based in South London. Although I have a back problem, I may be interested in standing next May, in my electorate. Nasrani (Anon).
  • I live just outside of London, although will likely be moving into London in a number of months.
  • Nasrani: where about in South London?

    ajmartin: similar question, where in London do you think you might be moving to?
  • Hi,

    New Pirate here. I was wondering if anyone is standing against Emily Thornberry in Islington South? She was an outspoken advocate of the Digital Economy Act (& very dismissive of criticism / other viewpoints, despite obvious ignorance of the issues).

  • Hi Ben, No one currently plans to... would you be interested in that?
  • Strongly considering standing although I am Islington North...
  • Hi All London based people... - We have a special Branch meet planned for next Saturday (7th March). Full details here: https://london.pirateparty.org.uk/2015/02/28/pirate-party-london-ge2015-campaign-kick-off-all-welcome/ Would be great if as many as possible were able to be there. :-)
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