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I'm not sure how many people have seen this site, but Represent looks like quite an interesting model for online consensus and democracy. It's a UK based platform that basically allows people to answer questions on several broadly political topics giving their opinion, but also allows people to give, with their answers, reasoning for their answer, information about the topic, or potential solutions to the issue at hand. Admittedly that seems underused on the platform at the moment, but it's worth a look.


  • I've also set up a group for Pirate Party UK
  • It seems quite underdeveloped and under used yeah but it has potential.
  • As it happens I had a bit of time to explore it a bit more. It does seem quite good and being able to limit results to a certain location is very useful.
  • It'll be nice to see how they develop it. The UI is way too busy at the moment and a bit chaotic, which makes it hard to use. Apart from that, in terms of actual usefulness it will need to reach a critical mass of both people willing to participate in voting and people willing to curate and create good polling questions, as some of the questions currently being posed are of dubious quality
  • Looks interesting, very early days for it yet by the looks of things.
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