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Until we find the best solution to be able to login, make sure you're logged in to the main ppuk site (http://www.pirateparty.org.uk/) then come back. You should then be presented with the login using ppuk.

We're looking into improving this.


  • I'm currently pratting around with OpenID trying to hook it together with our main site. You won't be able to log in until I get it fixed.
  • Right - if you arrive at community.ppuk without being logged into the main website, you will now see three little logos which you can use to log in.

    The first allows you to log in with OpenID, the second with Google and the third with PPUK.

    If you click the PPUK logo, you will be redirected to the main login page and then you will get logged into the forum.

    It's about the best way to do it, I reckon :)

    Any comments, etc...
  • Just for the record, logging in seems to work rather nicely.
  • Excellent, glad to see it's working for other people too! :)

    This morning I've also fixed a bug which people would only encounter if they were on an un-SSL'd connection (which I almost never am, hence I hadn't seen it until last night...)
  • Why don't you flip over all users to https:// as default?
  • @coxy - I do when they start the logging in process; I should probably ask @A-Tuin nicely if he'll force it on the server configs in the first place...
  • The little logo works, but it had to be pointed out to me, bit of a nightmare to find on yer own. But it could be the late hour...
  • @OblongOrange it is much more obvious if you're logged into the main site, I'll grant.

    I'll look into maybe making the buttons bigger or some such...
  • Vast improvement, found em straight away! Admittedly, this time I knew where to find them, but they are nice an prominent now. :)
  • :)

    I've finished fiddling with it now! Hopefully it's good for you all?
  • It just gets better! Nice, ta. :)
  • Oh... one more thing, sorry. :p

    Try logging out of the PPUK login, and you'll see that it still detects the username cookie, which is fine, but the PPUK logo is no more (it's some strange grey circle with two dots in it).
  • As in... Log out of the main website, or log out of the forum?
  • From this discussion area. But I know what it is: It's looking for my profile pic, but because I don't have one yet, it defaults to usericon_50
  • Ah, OK! Yeah, that's the "default" (no) user icon. If you have a better icon, chuck it my way and I'll put it up
  • I was gonna suggest just using the PPUK logo
  • I was actually just responding with that xD
  • I just tested the log out again with my new shiny profile pic, but the usericon_50 still comes up anyway. PPUK logo 4 teh win.
  • Funny story: I've had to submit that user icon as a bug, since it is hard-coded to pull it from an un-SSL'd CDN, which breaks encryption.

    Now pulling it locally anyway, I intend to patch the plugin to allow the admin to supply their own URI when I have 5 mins...
  • The profile pic it's pulling is the one from the main site - if you haven't changed it on there, it won't see it. If you have, then it's a caching issue.
  • Definite bug. Who would code it that way? Unless it was written in 1995 or summat and no-one bothered to change it. :D

  • We found it entirely by accident, I guess most sites don't enforce SSL. It is awful though, not only pulling a remote resource but also one over a vulnerable connection *ick*
  • Right, now you should have the PPUK roundel instead of the original grey circle thingie.
  • edited October 2014
    Yeeeesssss! Very nice indeedy.

    In regards to pulling remote content, I once had to scold a clients "web designers" that they should not be remoting in their logo over an insecure connection when it breaks the SSL on the shopping cart/login/etc. What a bloody idiot. But this happens now that print designers have shifted into web design. If it was me, I would have uploaded to logo to the site, and linked to it locally, but then I would never do that anyway, unlike most designers I feel that the only place a "Designed by" tag should go is on the homepage only, but some designers think it's okay to splash it on every single page, unacceptable.
  • Login is working fine for me. Thanks guys, for all your hard work.
  • Are there plans listed somewhere for the old legacy logins?
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