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Merchandising! Merchandising!

ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
edited February 2017 in General

We're putting together a tally for who-wants-what with the latest Pirate Party UK merch.

If anyone would like any of the following, let it be known in this thread and with how much you want:

Pirate Party UK Correx Signs

£14.49 A1
£10.99 A2
£7.49 A3

(These are the hard plastic political signs, similar to estate agent signs)

Lapel Pins
Featuring PPUK black-on-white roundal
£1.28 each
Currently they look like this.

Pirate Party UK Flag
The design looks like this.
Size 150cm wide by 100 cm high
Price: £11.09-10.20 each (price decreases as we order more)

With this print
In approximately DL size

These are purely the manufacturing costs of the items, we will not be making any money from any items "sold" and instead consider it good, free advertising for us.

That being said, it doesn't hurt to drop a few coins in the bucket...


  • Two flags for me please
  • a pin and a flag would be nice
  • Two lapel pins for me please.
  • a flag and a couple of pins please.... do u have a printing cost on the leaflets?
  • wouldn't mind two pins to replace the badge I currently have pls
  • I am wanting 8 pins when you have enough please :D
  • I'd love a lapel badge if any more are available to buy.
  • ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
    edited March 2017
    Thanks everyone. The flags reached 10 and we order those in groups of 10, so they have been dispatched to me, where I will work out how best to get money from everyone shortly. If anyone else wants a flag, we'll have to either 1) charge a bit more or 2) wait until 10 people want them again.

    Other items still tallying up.

    @Johnlee We're currently discussing how to best handle leaflet distribution.
  • nice one @ThyPirateDave I'll be waiting :)
  • I'd fancy a flag and 5 pins please, also some leaflets but i've no idea on quantity
  • ThyPirateDaveThyPirateDave South Wales
    edited March 2017
    To keep things simple, if we make the flags a clean £10 each, it'll save everyone kicking around a few pennies on the Birmingham meet up.

    If you're not able to attend, I'm happy to post you a flag but you'll need to provide your address - best to e-mail [email protected] (encrypted if you prefer) and I'll respond with a paypal address to drop the money into.
  • Dear ThyPirateDave, I'll be ordering stuff, but not sure as to what yet? I've just rejoined PP, and hoping to create a second London branch in the E / SE corner at Docklands.
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