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  • I don't know why I said Radcliff, I did of course mean Radford, of the Liberal Party
  • Not 'in' any more, but I'm from Stoneycroft (Councillor Radcliff is a family friend), went to the Blue Coat and liverpool uni. And funny thing, I left (and moved to the US) 12 years ago.
  • Much as I'm sure we all love free software, there are some for whom MS Word (to pick a common word processing example) is the most readily available and best understood. I'm sorry to say that I count myself in this category. It's also important to n…
  • The constant danger of this sort of liquid democracy is that it does require those delegating their vote (presumably because they don't have time and/or understanding to wield it themselves) to maintain regular awareness and understanding of what ma…
  • Here's one: How does the time difference between the US & UK affect you during meetings? Does it mess up any sleeping patterns or is it just non-existent? I'm 5 hours behind (sometimes 4 right around the summer time chance). So for the meetings,…
  • Surprised absolutely no-one's got any questions at all for me.
  • The US is no better, edvardio. US telco's have taken over $200B over the last 20 years, to supposedly have a 45/45Mbit rollout with 85% coverage by 2011. it's only ~ 50% penetration for 25Mbit download, let alone 45Mbit, upload. even here, I actual…
  • - As a published author I am jittery about copyright reform. It is badly needed, but some of the proposals made seem to go too far and remove all opportunity to earn a living through writing. Again, I have no evidence that PPUK will get this wrong, …
  • sorry @drowz0r - not actually true. I used to play around in exchanges in the late 90s (my business partner had a job as an exchange engineer for BT while we were starting up our business, and BT even sponsored our Robot Wars entry) including using …
  • Yeah,we're trying, it's hard work though, as it's a heavy-lobbying country. Doesn't help that Americans as a whole are cowards (I mean that seriously, most legislation is fear based)
  • What was right with it is more the question. It doesn't actually do anything except cause strife, mainly because certain people tend to... dominate things and it's very hard to get rid of them. In the US, there's a thing called Gerrymandering, wher…
  • What, to you, is the 3 most important areas/topics you think PPUK should be working on? Secondly, what are the 3 most important areas/topics to you?