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  • On the left/right issue, I think that finding a balance between leader/deputy leader would be a good solution. In our position we can pick our battles, and if there's a deep division on policies or philosophy, at this stage of the party's developmen…
    in Leadership Comment by Andy_R March 2016
  • To chip in on PPI - The organisation was set up to help countries round the world set up their own PPs when the movement first started to spread. In most places where political freedom and sufficient interested people exist, this work has been compl…
    in Leadership Comment by Andy_R March 2016
  • Hello Dawud It's always good to see new people here, and you certainly have a wealth of experience in politics, both internal and public-facing. I feel we may have something in common, as I too once had a public falling out with Mr Galloway, howeve…
  • If anyone has questions to ask me before deciding which way to vote, please feel free to post here and I'll do my best to reply. For a week starting on Tuesday the 16th, I'll be at the mercy of whatever patchy connectivity I can rustle up while expl…
  • I can't second Will's nomination, as I'm also standing for re-election to the board, but I'd like to share my experience of working with Will over the years. We have a lot of dedicated, clever people 'behind the scenes' in this party, who don't do p…
  • Thanks Chris for the kind words, and thanks Tempest3K for seconding me - I decided not to try and actively seek out a seconder, and see if it just happened naturally, and it's really reassuring to see that it did!