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  • So a bit more detail, The proposal is to meet at the Queen Victoria Statue, at 11am. Some of us will be there beforehand with a PPUK Flag for ease to find us! Around 11.20 once we are confidant no late comers are here we will walk down to The Bria…
  • A little more information, we will be meeting at the Queen Victoria Statue, as this is quite a prominent and well know landmark in the City. Google Maps link here . The idea is to meet around 11am, we can then head to a establishment of choice by t…
  • What sort of time shall we meet up? AM/PM/Lunch/Dinner/Dusk/Dawn?
  • Where about in the south west are you?
  • Number three is already done, and will be pushed over the winter months (in NHS terms this is Jan to Mar) as winter pressures set in. While number five is an interesting idea, I dont think solar for all houses is the right choice, like many of the…
  • After much discussion within the chat (go and join in) it has been talked that we need more effort in the NED than the board. I have therefor would like to change my application to join the NED as Volunteer Coordinator. I believe that I can being my…
  • I have been thinking about this overnight, and my thoughts are f&*k employers and all there tosh. We need to drive forward change and hopefully I can help deliver that. So if my fellow pirates are happy for me to help steer this ship into victor…
  • I am happy with what the board is for and what powers it has (and what powers can be abused). One of the reasons I thought the board may be good is I am active on the forums / chat so cant relay the views of many over the views of people who are not…
  • The fact that people seem to actually talk in Discord over IRC is a bonus. There are $YourOS Clients as well as Mobile clients. I think its the way to go as IRC is very limited. Maybe update the MOTD in IRC to say head over to https://discord.gg/ebW…
  • Yes. I am now a paid up member
  • sounds like your on it. As I mentioned above, more than happy to get involved in the webstuff, and I have sent the team an email.